Thu, 25th Jul, 2024 / 19 Muharram 1446
الخميس ٢٥ , يوليو , ٢٠٢٤ / 19 ٱلْمُحَرَّم 1446
Thu, 25th Jul, 2024 /
19 Muharram, 1446
الخميس ٢٥ , يوليو , ٢٠٢٤ / 19 ٱلْمُحَرَّم , 1446

Question- Salaam, Nowadays parents do not make marriage for their children earlier, and as a result, youth are pushed by the shaytaan towards forbidden doings such as masturbation. WHAT SHOULD YOUTH DO? SALAAM?

Answer – Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our dear Prophet Muhammad.

For those youth who are in need of marriage and are financially capable of its responsibilities, then it is a sunnah for them to get married. If he is not financially capable, then it is recommended for him to fast optional days, as such will help Insha’allah in making him extra patient. The ruling regarding masturbation on the other hand is that it is haram (forbidden).

Our advice to these youth is to interact with pious Muslims, and to avoid those people that gaze at women with desire especially through pornographic magazines or media.

Allah Knows best.

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