Thu, 30th Mar, 2023 / 8 Ramadan, 1444
الخميس ٣٠ , مارس , ٢٠٢٣ / 8 رَمَضَان , 1444
Thu, 30th Mar, 2023 /
8 Ramadan, 1444
الخميس ٣٠ , مارس , ٢٠٢٣ / 8 رَمَضَان , 1444


  • Answering all Islamic questions and inquiries which any member of the community has, and providing the Islamic evidence for the validity of these rulings (Fatwa).
  • Circulating press releases of Islamic nature and publishing regular reports related to daily events and their effect on the lives of Australian Muslims.
  • Supplying public and independent schools with qualified scripture teachers by relying on various Islamic organisations.
  • Supplying all carers and Imams from various Islamic centres with trusted and authorised Islamic resources.
  • Organizing in conjunction with the various Islamic organizations annual celebrations relating to the various Islamic festivities.
  • Running Qur’anic courses and courses for other areas of Islamic knowledge in both the Arabic and the English languages.
  • Distributing a yearly Islamic calendar in accordance with the Hijrah year, which references all Islamic occasions and festivities, as well as distributing the yearly Ramadan calendar.
  • Providing counselling advice and guidance to any family upon request, and to mediate in matters of domestic disputes, marriage contracts, and divorce proceedings.
  • Conducting official Marriage contracts according to the Islamic and Australian law.
    Establishing a family name database for those who are known to be descendants of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank.