Wed, 24th Jul, 2024 / 18 Muharram 1446
الأربعاء ٢٤ , يوليو , ٢٠٢٤ / 18 ٱلْمُحَرَّم 1446
Wed, 24th Jul, 2024 /
18 Muharram, 1446
الأربعاء ٢٤ , يوليو , ٢٠٢٤ / 18 ٱلْمُحَرَّم , 1446

 Chairman of Darulfatwa- Australia: I am admired by the mosque «Ar-Rahma»

Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husainiyy, Chairman of Darulfatwa- Australia , visited an opening ceremony of the first mosque in the Ukrainian capital «Ar-Rahma». He has given a short interview to the news agency “Умма“.

«UMMA» Interviewer: Welcome Sheikh Salim. My immediate question would be to ask you what your view is of our new mosque «Ar-Rahma»?

Dr. Sheikh Salim: It gives me great honour to visit such an Islamic site here in Ukraine. I have travelled from Australia and hence flown a long way in order to express my happiness and admiration to all guest here among me. Without doubt, the commemoration and opening of this place is of good value for everyone happy to be part of it. The name of the mosque, «Ar-Rahma » meaning mercy in Arabic, reveals a story in itself and give us an overview of the aspirations of the mosque.

«UMMA»: And what was it that you liked the most about the mosque here?

Dr. Sheikh Salim: I particularly like the people’s dedication and commitment to pray at this mosque five times a day. I would also like to point out that I know Dr Sheikh Ahmed Tamim very well as we have met before at many conferences. He teaches the moderate way of Islam and he is a very good person individually. It is for this reason that I have undergone such a long journey to this place, it took me almost two days to get here (laughing). Sheikh Ahmed Tamim has placed so much effort into the building of this mosque and most importantly, I praise, that he is teaching and revealing the truth and moderate beliefs in Islam.

«UMMA»: As we all know, Islam is a peaceful religion. When you tell people about Islam and the teachings of Islam what proof and evidence do you provide?

Dr. Sheikh Salim: Islam teaches honesty, moderateness and mercy in everything that it portrays, beginning from Adam (alayhi s-salām), the first Prophet, and up to Muhammad (ṣall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam), the last Prophet. True believers know and practice that Islam is against injustice and one of the main objective of Islam is to teach mercy, love and unity of all Muslims.

Currently in Iraq, Libya and other countries we can see horrible events erupting and destroying many stable conditions. Those events are not with Islamic nature. Islam teaches moderateness, it doesn’t propagate extremism. It is very important that people learn more about Islam and notice that if anything, Islam is promoting peace and justice as opposed to such horrid acts.

«UMMA»: And in your opinion, what are the ways of informing people about the essence of islam and the peace Islam communicates?

Dr. Sheikh Salim: To teach them, to inform people about Islam and its rightful objectives, to organize meetings, conferences and to use mass-media for this purpose. It is necessary to show people a dense picture of Islam’s reality.

«UMMA»: What do you wish for the Muslims of Ukraine?

Dr. Sheikh Salim: I hope that they live in this place as one community in peace. I really want Muslims of Ukraine to learn from Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Tamim. Regrettably now days we come across people who claim that they work under the banner of Islam but regrettably they are truly against Islam’s teachings. They are dangerous both for Muslims and for non-Muslims. They aspire to generate hostility between all Muslims.  Thank God, Sheikh Ahmed Tamim teaches the proper moderate way of Islam.

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