Fri, 22nd Sep, 2023 / 7 Rabīal-Awwal, 1445
الجمعة ٢٢ , سبتمبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 7 رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل 1445
Fri, 22nd Sep, 2023 /
7 Rabīal-Awwal, 1445
الجمعة ٢٢ , سبتمبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 7 رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل , 1445

   A new book titled ‘The Consensus of Muslims’ (2006) has been compiled and released by Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad of Jordan. The book carries an opening letter from King Abdullah II of Jordan and an introduction from Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi which responds to the takfiri groups that excommunicate Muslim scholars and the Muslim populace en mass rendering both their properties and blood permissible. This book also contains the fatwa of the chairman of Darul-fatwa of Australia Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husainiyy against the takfiri groups.   The fatwa (2006) Surat Al-Hujurat from the Qur’an, Ayah 10 means: “The believers are but brethren; therefore make peace and reconciliation between your brethren; and fear Allah and observe your duty, that you would receive Mercy.” Surat Al-Hujurat from the Qur’an, Ayah 13 means: “O mankind! We [Allah] created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other, surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty); surely Allah is All Knowing.” The Prophet peace be upon him said what means: “Do not envy one another, do not deceive in trade, do not hate each other, do not turn your back to one another and do not participate in double sale. Be brethrens for reward from God. The Muslim is the brother of another Muslim: He does not treat him unjustly, or scorn him, or fail him, piety is here (pointing to his chest three times). It is evil enough to scorn your Muslim brother. All the Muslim is protected against breach; his life, his property and his honour”, related by Imam Muslim. The Prophet also said what means: “When one says to his brother: ‘Oh Blasphemer’, it falls on one of them. It is either as he says, or it will return upon the claimer”.  Therefore, the haste in excommunication is a serious matter of grave consequences. This matter is governed by rules and regulations that must be applied. Upon this foundation the fatwa establishes the following: “Any Muslim who testifies that that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and he subscribes to any of the madhhabs (jurisprudence schools of thought) and to any of the Islamic groups, while not uttering or committing anything that constitutes renouncement of the essential tenants of Islam, then this person is a Muslim and it is impermissible to excommunicate him or to regard him outside the fold of Islam; his life and his property are guarded and protected by Islam.”


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