Thu, 28th Sep, 2023 / 13 Rabīal-Awwal, 1445
الخميس ٢٨ , سبتمبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 13 رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل 1445
Thu, 28th Sep, 2023 /
13 Rabīal-Awwal, 1445
الخميس ٢٨ , سبتمبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 13 رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل , 1445

The chairman of Darul-Fatwa in Australia his Excellency Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husainiyy attended the Second International Conference of Islamic Scholars and thinkers in Jakarta Indonesia on 20-22 June 2006. The conference was labeled “Islam is Mercy to the Worlds”, and it included 300 delegates as scholars or thinkers from all nations including the US, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, France, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Japan and also the 57 Islamic countries.


The speech delivered by the Sheikh during the conference was entitled “Islamic Education in the Western World” and it included the following:

“Allah has made this great Religion (Islam) a religion of goodness and peace, a religion of justice and moderation, a religion of guidance and mercy. Such ideals determine our path at Darul-Fatwa Australia in accrediting the pure Islamic creed that has been taken from the Holy Qur’an, the blessed Prophetic traditions (Sunnah) and from what has been authorized by the early generation (Salaf) of Muslim scholars and the consensus (Ijma`) of the ummah.”


“Darul-Fatwa continues to warn from those who pass judgments of mass-takfir (mass-apostasy) against all those outside their group, facilitating by that the shedding of the blood of the innocent through suicide attacks on planes, buses or trains. We wish to shed light on the huge difference between Muslims and terrorists and on the fact that there is no relation between Islam and extremism or terrorism. Darul-Fatwa declares again that the Muslims of the world are free from any odious violence or obnoxious extremism, and that they declare the great need to not link Islam with terrorism and Muslims with extremists. Muslims of the world also openly ask for a greater level of collaboration between all international parties in solving this crisis – each party with what level of expertise and effort it has, while exhibiting the required wisdom and courage and while maintaining the simple fact that ignorance is fought with knowledge, extremism is fought with moderation, and evil is fought with the truth”.


There was another stop for the chairman of Darul-Fatwa Australia his Excellence Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husainiyy at the end of the conference where he closed the conference on behalf of the attendees with a word in which he thanked the conference executive committee for their warm hospitality, and he emphasized the need for the implementation of the following conference declarations:


Islam is a religion of goodness and peace, a religion of guidance and mercy
Islam is a religion which fights odious violence and obnoxious extremism
Islam is a religion which promotes expertise and research in all areas of benefit
Islam rejects ignorance, backwardness, weakness and complacency
Islam promotes justice, moderation and righteousness and it forbids immorality, vice and transgression
Islam commands a cohabitation scheme amongst peoples

Sheikh Salim Alwan also had side-talks with the conference executive committee and with other delegates and officials in which he sponsored the aforementioned declarations.


Media Committee
Darul-Fatwa Australia

June 2006


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