Fri, 23rd Feb, 2024 / 13 Sha'ban, 1445
الجمعة ٢٣ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٤ / 13 شَعْبَان‎ 1445
Fri, 23rd Feb, 2024 /
13 Sha'ban, 1445
الجمعة ٢٣ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٤ / 13 شَعْبَان‎ , 1445

We start in the name of Allah The Lord of the Worlds, all Praise is due to Him. We humbly thank Allah for the blessing of Islam, the greatest gift one could ever receive for it is the key to Paradise on the Day of Judgment. We ask Allah to shower his peace and blessings on our noble and beloved Prophet Muhammad, his kind relatives and companions and protect his nation from that which he feared for them. Thereafter;

Brothers in Faith, The topic of today’s sermon is different from the previous ones, however, it is filled with great benefits and important information. Our sermon today is in relation to certain words we use in Arabic which most people are unaware of their true meanings and from what words they have been derived from. Such words are; Qalb (heart in English), Mal (money), ^Alam (the whole universe), ^Aduww (enemy), Aqsa Mosque, Dunya (life on earth), and why Prophet Adam was named Adam, and his wife Eve was named Hawwa.

The heart was named Qalb’, a word which is derived from the Arabic word “Taqallub” meaning “instability” because it changes frequently and rapidly. Its unstableness is quicker than the movement of the boiling water. And here we would like to mention the importance of keeping our hearts steadfast on faith in Allah, the Exalted, a faith inclusive of the ultimate conviction clear from any doubt. Verse 15 of Surat Al-Hujurat means: [The believers are those who believe in Allah correctly and His Messenger and do not have any doubt.] A doubt is something which occurs in the heart. Therefore preserving one’s heart is critically important because the heart is the origin for one’s organs, if it is corrected, then the rest of the organs are corrected, and if it is corrupted, then the rest of the organs will consequently be corrupted. Having a doubt in Allah or His Messenger or the Religion of Islam is blasphemy, causing one to fall out of the circle of Islam.

As for the word “Mal” meaning money my dear respected brothers, it was derived from the word “Yamil” meaning “incline to” due to the fact that the person usually inclines towards money.



Therefore be warned from ever committing the unlawful for the sake of money, for some people, we seek refuge with Allah from this, actually commit blasphemy for the sake of money.

There lived a man named Qarun at the time of Prophet Musa ^alayhis-salam who had a lot of money, even the keys that were used to open his money safe were so heavy that a group of strong men would even struggle to lift them. This man blasphemed and left Islam because according to him he regarded that the amount of money he was obligated to pay for Zakat was too much and so objected to Allah and rejected the Prophethood of Musa ^alayhis-salam, and so Allah ordered the earth to swallow him and his money up. Allah is the Creator of everything, and is the Creator of good and evil, He is the Creator of one’s inclination toward faith and obedience and towards disbelief and disobedience.

As for the Universe (al^alam), it is called so because it a sign and proof ‘^alamah’ for the Existence of the Creator “Allah”. The sound mind judges that “the act of hitting must have a hitter, the writing must have a writer and the building must have a builder who built it”. Hence, every act must have a doer. Ultimately, this universe has a Creator Who is Allah. Surat-Ibrahim, Ayah 10 means: (There is no doubt about the Existence of Allah). Hence, the one who negates or doubts about the existence of Allah blasphemes. We seek refuge with Allah from all types of blasphemy. Allah created the universe, the universe has a beginning, so it is created. Hence, the universe is not eternal. Allah is the only One who is eternal. Allah is the only One Whose existence is without a beginning.

As for the enemy; he is named as such due to the animosity that such a person may direct at you whenever he has an opportunity. Thus, the enemy will treat you unjustly and oppressively.

Hence, this is the situation of the inimical blasphemer; that, if given the opportunity, he will treat you with injustice.




For this reason Iblis was repeatedly mentioned in the Qur’an as an enemy. Allah the Exalted said:

إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ فَاتَّخِذُوهُ عَدُوًّا إِنَّمَا يَدْعُو حِزْبَهُ لِيَكُونُوا مِنْ أَصْحَابِ السَّعِيرِ”

This Ayah means: Verily Satan is an enemy to you: so be warned and treat him as an enemy. He invites his followers to become the inhabitants of the blazing fire.

In regards to Al Aqsa Mosque, it was named as such due to the far distance between it and al-Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah. After the Prophet took the night journey from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al-Aqsa, he ascended to the upper heavens. It should be noted that the purpose of the Mi^raj was to increase honor of the Prophet and to raise his rank. It is blasphemous to attribute to Allah any of the attributes of the creations, such as believing that Allah exists in the skies or any other place, or that the Prophet physically became close to Allah. It is among the fundamentals of the belief of Muslims that Allah exists without a place.

As for life on earth, it was named in Arabic as Dunyah due to its danawah; a word that describes something of a very low value. This is also how Imam Al-Rifa^i described it when he said what means:

The Dunyah is a traitor; a liar. It tricks its adherents.

Those who lean away from it are safe from it but,

Those who lean towards it will be inflicted with its calamities.

It is like a snake, with a smooth touch and a deadly poison.

Its moments of pleasure vanish quickly and,

Its days pass like a fragment of the imagination.

So occupy yourself with acts of obedience to Allah and,

Do not neglect to evaluate your deeds.




So my brothers in belief, in this perishing life work for the everlasting life of the hereafter which is eternally rewarding.

It is appropriate at this time to warn you of an expression that some people say. In doubt about the reality of the hereafter they say: Who died and saw for themselves then came back to tell what happened to them? This is belying what is true about the hereafter and is blasphemy.

As for Adam, he was named as such because he was created from the Adim of the Earth which is a word meaning soil. An Angel came down to Earth by Allah’s order, and he gathered from the Earth’s different soils – from its white coloured and its black and what’s between, from its soft and its hard and what’s between, and from its superior and its inferior sorts and what’s between. Consequently, the offspring of Adam differ in colour, quality and character the same way the soils that Adam was created from differ.

Adam is a Prophet and a Messenger of Allah. He taught his children the Religion of Islam which is the religion of all Prophets. Allah created in him the true belief and the Knowledge. Adam spoke all languages. He did not resemble an ape at any time in contrary to Darwin’s theory which falsely claims that people evolved from apes. Adam was the first human being, and was so handsome in appearance with an upright body. A verse in the Qur’an means: “Allah created humans in the best stature”, therefore the origin of humans is not the ape rather the origin of mankind is from Adam peace be upon him who is amongst the best looking humans.

As for Hawwa (Eve), she was called that because she was created from a living rib; that of Adam peace be upon him. Hawwawas created with a height that was suitable for Adam, and Allah created the true Belief in her. She was thus on the religion of Islam which is the Religion that Allah accepts from his slaves and which He ordered us to follow. It is not permissible to curse Hawwa’s kind or the female type, and it is blasphemous to do so, because amongst them are righteous female believers praised by Allah in the Qur’an the best of whom is Maryam (Mary), may Allah accept her deeds.




So be warned when angry with your wife or your daughter against cursing the female type or Hawwa’s kind, as it is blasphemy – may Allah protect us. Great is the Creator who granted the understanding and knowledge to whomever He willed amongst His slaves.


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