Tue, 16th Apr, 2024 / 7 Shawwal 1445
الثلاثاء ١٦ , أبريل , ٢٠٢٤ / 7 شَوَّال‎ 1445
Tue, 16th Apr, 2024 /
7 Shawwal, 1445
الثلاثاء ١٦ , أبريل , ٢٠٢٤ / 7 شَوَّال‎ , 1445

The Australian Muslim Community once again summits its commitment to ‘unite in moderation’ and aid social cohesion marked by the launch of the Islamic High Council-Australia on Friday the first of October 2004 at Bankstown Town Hall.


Known as Darulfatwa in Arabic-The Islamic High Council is a body that is historically and traditionally recognized by Muslim consensus as the highest Islamic authority of its territory; and now the benefits of such a trustworthy and renowned resource rises in Australia to meet community and national objectives.


It is an endeavour of a group of committed and highly educated Muslims who collaborated with diverse community officials to establish what is the final frontier to bridge the gap between the needs of Muslims and their productive co-existence in the wider Australian community.


In his acceptance speech (translated from Arabic) the Islamic High Council-Australia Chairman His Eminence Sheikh Salim Alwan said: “Darulfatwa promises the children of our community sound guidance and immunity against extremism and fanaticism. In an inauguration to Darulfatwa, Sheikh Salim then announced the publication and distribution of Darulfatwa's first Islamic resource; a booklet entitled: 'Refuting the Reliance upon Calculations and Astronomy in Determining the Beginning and the End of Ramadan'.


Darulfatwa is the symbol of hope Australian Muslims long for. It is a safety-net that re-assures the individual and the nation; lobbying for the right of all Muslims to a better living standard without prejudice and discrimination and defending the civil liberties and privileges of those at risk.”


In asserting Darulfatwa condemnation against terrorism and fanaticism and its role to secure Australia’s safety by spreading the pure Islamic teachings, His Eminence Sheikh Salim added: “Darulfatwa is a non-partisan and independent institution which would not accept and receive any funds for this purpose or be utilised as a means for delivering any kind of service which does not benefit the Australian community.”


Darulfatwa is differentiated by “sound, honest and direct leadership that is irrefutable by Islamic standards and Australian policy” said His Eminence. Sheikh Salim.


Dignitaries and guests supported the sound path of the long awaited Darulfatwa- destined to make Australian history, with a standing ovation that surpassed the town Hall theatre room.


The outstanding response to the launch of the Islamic High Council-Australia located at Bankstown reflected the unanimous agreement for its rise and the keen involvement of its diverse affiliates.


The noble guests included Australian Muslim representatives and leaders from many ethnically diverse backgrounds including: Afghanistan; Iraqi; Indonesian; Pakistan; Bosnia; Somalia; Ethiopia, Africa; Fiji; Malaysia; Lebanon; Syria; Jordan and India.


Among the political dignitaries and representatives supporting the role of the Islamic High Council-Australia and its timely necessity were political leaders’ media representatives, professionals, businessmen and scores of community members attended to voice their acceptance and support.


Darulfatwa is recognised as an invaluable resource and extends its services of providing information, guidance and advice to inquirers on all levels including policy makers, media, community leaders, educational institutions, businesses, families and the individual. 

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