Can you list some of the recommended matters during prayer ?

There are many recommended (sunnah) matters during prayer and among them are:

Placing the right hand over the left above the belly button and under the chest.

Reciting the du^a of iftitah before reciting the Fatihah in the first rak^ah only.

Reciting a Surah after the Fatihah in the first two rak^ahs.

Saying Allahu Akbar   upon straightening and bending.

Saying subhana Rabbiyal-^adhim, three times during bowing (ruku^).

Saying sami^allahu liman hamidah , during the straightening after bowing (i^tidal).

Saying subhana Rabbiyal-a^la  , three times during the prostration (sujud).

Saying Allahumma ghfir li warhamni wahdini wa ^afini warzuqni                                                        

   during the sitting in between the two prostrations.

Reciting the Salatul-Ibrahimiyyah after the final tashahhud.

Adding wa rahmatullah during the final salam. Hence, one says: As-Salamu ^alaykum wa rahmatullah. 

Saying As-salamu ^alaykum a second time and turning to the right side during the first one and to the left side during the second one.

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