Thu, 18th Apr, 2024 / 9 Shawwal 1445
الخميس ١٨ , أبريل , ٢٠٢٤ / 9 شَوَّال‎ 1445
Thu, 18th Apr, 2024 /
9 Shawwal, 1445
الخميس ١٨ , أبريل , ٢٠٢٤ / 9 شَوَّال‎ , 1445

Question- How can we tell our parents if we think there is something wrong in their believe (Al-Aqida). What could be the right approach. Thanks for the quick response.
Assalamu ^alaykom;

Answer – Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our dear Prophet Muhammad.


Briefly, as Allah mentioned in the Holy Qur^an, we are ordered to approach people with the right, sound advise in a polite manner. It is very important to look after our parents as it is mentioned in the Qur^an too. To do so we need to make sure that we know the Obligatory knowledge in Islam to start with; Appart from looking after them and caring for them in general. Learning the Obligatory Knowledge in Islam is important to make sure the information you pass on to people agrees with the laws of Islam; not to mention first that you are obliged in Islam to learn the Obligatory Knowledge.


Every time you find your parents would accept your advice about Islam then approach them with the sound advice about the essentials of believe. Treat them nicely and gently so they would love you more, and in this way they would trust you and hear your advice with an open heart. We urge you to be patient in dealing with them, and to look for a knowledgeable Muslim person (who might be also close to your parents) to help you in advising your parents too.   Please feel free to contact us any time so we could help you further.

Allah Knows best.

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