Sat, 4th Feb, 2023 / 13 Rajab, 1444
السبت ٠٤ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٣ / 13 رَجَب , 1444
Sat, 4th Feb, 2023 /
13 Rajab, 1444
السبت ٠٤ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٣ / 13 رَجَب , 1444

 Multicultural Mawlid Concert 2013 exceeds expectations, as a ten year old girl makes over five thousand people cry

فريق المشاريع لإنشاد التراث- 

The blessed and honorable inaugural entry of the honorable trace of Prophet Muhammad, sealed and protected in a glass box, held by Darulfatwa-Australia Chairman Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainyy and followed by a majestic assembly of Imams and drum beaters, was the crown highlight of the 2013 Mawlid event, satisfying expectations of the crowd.

 محبي رسول الله-

But, to every one’s surprise, a ten year old girl arrested the audience of over five thousand Muslims with her intensely passionate pledge of love and adherence to Prophet Muhammad, rocking the venue at the 2013 Mawid Celebration in Homebush Bay Sports Stadium on Saturday 9th of February.

 Her four minute solo stage performance as part of the Islamic Kids Group, accelerated to a tearful standing ovation from the entire crowd as she stood before them raising her closed fist in motivation and her voice in passion, and tears of conviction to the best of creation, yelling her last words: “We will certainly remain on your path holding high the symbol that testifies that we will live loving you O Muhammad”.

-جانب آخر من الحضور


This was one of many stage performances that unfolded during the grand celebration commemorating the birth of Prophet Muhammad organized by a committee collaborating with the pioneering Association, the Islamic Charity Projects Association, under the patronage of Darulfatwa Australia.


‘Live Loving Muhammad; the theme of this year’s Mawlid is a testament that among creations, Muslims live to love Muhammad more than any other person. It was the message echoing throughout the evening, with every breath, every performance, every intermission and applause,  and imprinted on every symbolic flag flying on some of the vehicles that drove over 5000 Muslims to this aggrandized annual Islamic event celebrated in Rabi^ ul-Awal.

The magnificent turnout was colorful and diverse. Soon after Mid-Afternoon prayer, the venue became full with Muslims of diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. The performers also reflected a diverse Muslim representation including groups from the Arabic, Lebanese, Somali, Turkish, Harari, Pakistani, Afghanistan, Bangladeshi, Indonesian and African communities.

The audience included many other communities who came together to praise Allah for sending Prophet Muhammad as their savior and guider.    

Tania Mihailuk MP-It was a picture of profound love for Prophet Muhammad sending a peaceful, entertaining and tasteful message to the general public that Muslims young or old, male or female, will never waver or flicker from loving Prophet Muhammad and that adverse publicity against Prophet Muhammad will only increase the Muslim’s devotion and dedication to him.

At the same time, when asked about the benefits of upholding the Mawlid festivity for Australian Muslims during the VIP private session, the ICPA President Dr. Ghayath Al-Shelh said: the ICPA President Dr. Ghayath Al-Shelh said: “It is of a great honor to contribute to the colorful fabric of the Australian society in celebrating the multicultural Mawlid concert.Dr Ghayath Al Sheleh-

Since we consider the day the prophet Jesus was born is a blessed day, likewise the birth of our Master prophet Muhammad is a blessed day in which as a nation we thank Allah for sending his prophet who is the guidance to eternal happiness and in this day we express our joy and happiness for this great event that happen on earth.


Tony Issa MP-Representing the Premier of NSW Mr. Barry O’Farrell, Member for Granville Mr. Tony Issa MP praised the relayed characteristics of Prophet Muhammad and said Prophet Muhammad is a role model and we should be following his lead.”

Leader of the Opposition Mr. John Robertson was also among the speakers in the private VIP session. Commenting on celebrating the Mawlid in Australia, he said:

“The Vast majority of us are migrants. It is the story of migration that has developed the modern culture that is Australia.John Robertson MP-


“So for those who seek to tear down multiculturalism, I say to all of those people that they are the people who seek to tear down the great Australian culture.

“Because every community regardless of where they come from, has contributed to this rich fabric that is Australia and continues to allow this country to grow as a beacon, as a moral of what a beacon of a success story is.”


The party of dignitaries was then escorted from the private room where they were greeted by Darulfatwa, ICPA and media officials, to the main event stadium. They included Leader of the Opposition Mr. John Robertson MP; Member for Granville representing the Premier of NSW Mr. Barry O’Farrell, Mr. Tony Issa MP; Member for Liverpool, Shadow Attorney General Mr. Paul Lynch MP, Member for Bankstown shadow Minister for Trading shadow Minister for Healthy Lifestyles Mrs Tania Mihailuk MP; Ashfield Council Mayor Mr. Morris Mansour; Liverpool Council Cllr Ali Karnib;; Al-Amanah College, Mr. Mohammad Dana, Muslim Community Radio representatives; Scouts NSW Branch Commissioner, John Pestana Jnr; and Salamah College Wisam Saad. The dignitaries also included a long list of imams, religious leaders, leaders and representatives from the culturally diverse Muslim community, professionals, and influential figures.mawlid 2013-1


A glorious recitation of the wholly Quran introduced by Sheikh Ibrahim Ash-Shafei opened the stage show. The Arabic female group then took the stage narrating the story of Prophet Muhammad’s birth and the circumstances surrounding it.

In his bilingual welcoming speech, Chairman of Darulfatwa Australia, Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainyy began with a prayer asking Allah to relieve the pains on Muslims worldwide. He then reflected on the virtue of the magnificent diverse turnout and praised the Muslims for their strong exhibition of love for Prophet Muhammad.

Sheikh Salim said: “They all come together to say, ‘we love you O messenger of Allah, We love you O most beloved to Allah”.


In defining the benefits of upholding the Mawlid celebration, Sheikh Salim said: “Commemorating the birth of Prophet Muhammad increases and revitalizes the Muslim’s love for the prophet and reminds us of the exemplary manners exhibited by him, such that Muslims may follow.”MON 8736-

Also, in response to misleading rumors prohibiting the upholding of the Mawlid, Sheikh Salim said: “Islam does not stop Muslims from celebrating the prophet’s birth. So, do not listen to those who raise their voices, those who hate the Mawlid celebration and try to stop it. They are acting like Satan did in the past when he became angry and upset, screaming upon Prophet Muhammad’s birth.

“Muslims all around the world, come together to make it clear that Islam is the religion of moderation, justice, mercy and kindness. It is the religion of prophets Muhammad, Adam, Nuh, Musa, and Issa and all the other prophets”.


Sheikh Salim Alwan ended with a summary of the Muslim faith by imam Al-Tahawiy, urging Muslims to remain steadfast on it. Sheikh Salim said: “Allah is clear of all boundaries, extremes, sides, organs and instruments. The six directions to not contain Him, as they contain all created things. Meaning, Allah exists without a place, without a direction”.

The Sudanese Chanting Group- Al Bashaer GRUOP-This year’s Mawlid celebration program had a unique flow. The transition between performances was seamless. The continuous thread of Arabic performances, linking every non-Arabic performance kept a full house seated till the last minute. The back-to-back program of joy, compassion, emotion, entertainment and infotainment, left no room for much else.

It even won the commendation of the rows of Australian politicians and dignitaries seated before the stage, impressed by the superb vocalists, synchrony, precision, organization, colour and expertise and professional coordination that unfolded over three hours, as the diverse performers set on and off the stage.   


Member for Bankstown, Shadow Minister for Volunteering and Youth Mrs. Tania Mihailuk MP said: “I have to say it’s amazing to see that there’s over 5000 people here. We’ve had a very multicultural event tonight. It’s been wonderful.The Malaysian Chanting Group-

“I was particularly inspired by that young girl who recited a beautiful poem about the life and story of Prophet Muhammad.

“It was very emotional and she spoke so well and you could see how much faith was in her words and in her face. And the crowd was very overwhelmed about her speech.”

Shadow Attorney General Member for Liverpool, Mr. Paul Lynch MP said: “what as interesting tonight is that there is a broader range of people taking part, greater diversity.

“I think it’s another good example of the multicultural society that we’ve got. It’s one of the things that makes Australia such a good place to live”.

Muslim Kids club-Two hours into the event, the Muslim Community Radio presenters took the stage to draw the names of the winners who had joined the Mawlid competition over the past four weeks on the 2MFM 92.1 air waves. Silence filled the stadium as more than five thousand people listened to the names of thirteen winners who won thousands of dollars amongst them.

Sheikh Bilal Homaysi-Sealing the stage performances was a session of supplications presented by ICPA Vice President Sheikh Bilal Homaysi who then invited the crowd to seek the blessings of the trace of Prophet Muhammad on the terrace.

The thousands lined up outside where the hair of the prophet in its glass box was made available to them one by one, held by Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainyy, himself a noble descendant of the lineage of the Prophet, through the Prophet’s grandson Al-Hussain.


Darulfatwa – Australia


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