Thu, 5th Oct, 2023 / 20 Rabīal-Awwal, 1445
الخميس ٠٥ , أكتوبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 20 رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل 1445
Thu, 5th Oct, 2023 /
20 Rabīal-Awwal, 1445
الخميس ٠٥ , أكتوبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 20 رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل , 1445

Abu Al Hasan Al Ash^ariyy May Allah accept his deeds.(260 – 324 هـ.AH )

The Hafidh Ibn ^Asakir (571 AH) the author of the well known book of “Tarikh Dimashq) in his book “Tabyin Kadhib al Muftari fima nusiba ila al Imam Abi Al Hasan Al Ash^ariyy” wherein he mentioned some of his authored works and sayings, and defended and praised him at length, and when mentioning the lineage of Imam Al Ash^ariyy he said: “He is ^Aliyy the son of Isma^il the son of Ishaq the son of Salem the son of Isma^il the son of ^Abdullah the son of Musa the son of Bilal the son of Abu Burdah the son of Abu Musa Al Ash^ariyy the Companion of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.”Also Imam Taj Addin ^Abd Al Wahhab the son of Taqiyyuddin ^Aliyy the son of ^Abd Al Kafi As-Subki (771 AH) in his famous book (Tabaqat As-Shafi^iyyah) wherein he wrote the biography of Imam Al Ash^ariyy and after mentioning his lineage he said:
 “ The Shaykh Abu Al Hasan Al Ash^ariyy Al Basriyy the Shaykh of the methodology of Ahl As Sunnah wa Al Jama^ah and the leader of the people of the praised Kalam–(producing the substantiated arguments in defense of the religion)– and the supporter of the methodology of the master of All the Messengers, the defender of the religion and the one who endeavored to protect the creeds of the Muslims; an endeavor whose effect shall remain until the Day the people rise to settle their accounts before the Lord of the worlds.

 He was an astute leader and one who is God-fearing. He protected the honored Shari^ah from the fabricated Hadith, supported the Muslim nation a staunch support and did not spare any diligence in striving, until he cleared the chests from the fabrications, the way one clears the white cloth from filth. He shielded with the lights of certitude against falling into falsehood by silencing every false statement and removing falsehood; for the Truth averts the harm of falsehood.” He rightfully praised him at length and said that the four most famous Madhhabs among the Shafi^is and Malikis and honorable ones among the Hanbalis and some Hanafis follow his methodology.
 And most Hanafis follow the methodology of Abu Mansur al Maturidi ( died 333AH), may Allah accept his deeds, whom as well agrees with Al Ash^ariyy in supporting the Madhhab of Ahl As Sunnah and only harmlessly differ with him in some terminology.

The majority of the Muslims follow the two methodologies of these two Sheikhs Abu Al Hasan Al Ash^ariyy and Abu Mansur al Maturidiyy may Allah accept both of their deeds. The same also was mentioned by Imam Murtada Az Zabidi in his explanation of Imam Al Ghazali’s book “Ihya’ ^ulum Addin”.
Hence it is clear to the mindful person that Imam Al Ash^ariyy and Imam Al Maturidiyy and those who follow them are the people of Hadith, Fiqh, fundamentals of belief, and Recitations, as richly observed in their authored works, and among them al Bayhaqiyy, Al Ghazaliyy, An Nawawiyy, Ibn Hajar Al ^Asqalani, Ibn Al Hajib, As Subki and countless others. 

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