Wed, 28th Feb, 2024 / 18 Sha'ban, 1445
الأربعاء ٢٨ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٤ / 18 شَعْبَان‎ 1445
Wed, 28th Feb, 2024 /
18 Sha'ban, 1445
الأربعاء ٢٨ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٤ / 18 شَعْبَان‎ , 1445

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Darulfatwa-the Islamic High Council of Australia is closely monitoring the government’s proposed anti-terror reforms and the controversy this has instigated among the opposition, community representatives and the people.

This statement is issued in reflection to this issue and on behalf of the many diverse ethnic affiliates, member organizations, and their members represented by Darulfatwa Australia-High Islamic Council of Australia.

We agree that Australia’s various communities should be working as a team to combat terrorism. As such we announce that as an inclusive and peak Islamic body, we hold strong to our own opinion on the matter-separate from radical ideas.

Darulfatwa’s constitution rests on actively rejecting all forms of extremism, especially those who unlawfully use the name of Islam to promote such heinous acts; Darulfatwa has served such objectives since 2005.

We strongly believe that terrorism causes division, insecurity, and is a threat to the notion of ‘team Australia’, and should be eradicated. We also support national security measures dealing with extremism and terrorism.

We are aware of the government’s plights to maintain a democratic, fair and non-abusive system as it endeavours to fight terrorism and are we equally concerned to help the government maintain this challenging balance; especially since it is vital for the protection of innocent Australian Muslims.

Darulfatwa stands strongly in opposition to all forms of support towards any radical, abusive proposals or ideologies, be it from so-called Islamic or non-Islamic sources.

Darulfatwa believes that measures should be put in place to halt extremist and terrorist activities. We see this starting at a grassroots level by dismantling the ideologies which serve as catalysts to terrorist behaviour. This would consequently prevent radical ideas from affecting young Australian Muslims.

This has been the plight of Darulfatwa for many years. Our endeavours to dismantle terrorist mindsets are evident in the regular classes of personal development we hold in Sydney and Melbourne. Yet, more has to be done across the nation.

Darulfatwa calls upon all sincere parties from Islamic and non-Islamic communities to collaborate and support all thoughtful measures that effectively prevent further radicalisation of Muslim Australians, isolate the guilty and protect the innocent from unnecessary penalties.

We call on all to peacefully consider appropriate and effective measures to de-radicalise those affected youths whose attitudes and behaviours impose risks on our society in Australia.

Australia has been a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of Australian Muslims who fled their war-torn countries to establish a peaceful life under Australia’s democratic laws.

Let us keep that as our focus and objective.

DarulFatwa Islamic High Council of Australia


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