Wed, 24th Jul, 2024 / 18 Muharram 1446
الأربعاء ٢٤ , يوليو , ٢٠٢٤ / 18 ٱلْمُحَرَّم 1446
Wed, 24th Jul, 2024 /
18 Muharram, 1446
الأربعاء ٢٤ , يوليو , ٢٠٢٤ / 18 ٱلْمُحَرَّم , 1446

Brothers in Islam,
Allah ordered us to follow the great religion of Islam, that of holding the correct belief in Allah and His messengers, and holding the best ethics and morals. Whoever implements and adheres to the noble teachings of Islam shall be victorious in this life and in the Hereafter.

The sources of legislation in Islam are first the Holy Qur’an, then the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, followed by the scholarly consensus and finally the sayings of the mujtahids which have the ability of deducing Islamic judgments. Imam ^Aliyy may Allah reward him greatly said: “Religion is not a matter of opinion”. The sources of legislation in Islam are to be followed when the disputes occur, be it between the husband and wife, or between trade partners, or otherwise. In such a case the only solution is to refer the matter to the Book of Allah and the teachings of the prophet of Allah.

Dear brothers, all the rivalries and conflicts amongst people that we are witnessing today are because of straying away from practicing the Islamic judgments, and obeying one’s own self desires and temptations.    

From the chain of al^Irbad the son of Sariah, he said:” the messenger of God may Allah raise his rank, one day straight after the noon prayer gave us a profound preaching that filled our eyes with tears and moved our hearts. Upon hearing the prophet’s speech a man said: “this sounds like a farewell preaching therefore what you would ask of us? The prophet replied: I ask you to embrace piety and to obey the one in charge and to listen to him even if he were a dark slave for shall you live long enough indeed many differences you would see, therefore when that time comes follow my path and the path  of the guided righteous caliphs and adhere to it.

Dear respected brothers in Islam. The smart and wise person is the one who adheres to the methodology of the companions and does not follow his own desire, and submits himself to the authentic Islamic judgements supported by the Qur’an and Hadiths. However the one who deviates from the correct path and does not submit himself to the Holy Qur’an is indeed the misguided one and the loser. Therefore be warned -my dear brothers in Islam- from those individuals who choose to follow their own opinions and desires rather than following the proper teachings of the Qur’an. Be warned and let none of their seditions influence you for if they do you will eventually be harmed.

Research constructively the one whom you are seeking knowledge from and do not be careless about the method of seeking religious knowledge, for knowledge will assist you in keeping steadfast to the methodology and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Imam ^Aliyy may Allah raise his rank said:
“People are of three types (i.e. in regards to the knowledge of the religion). First are the practicing scholars (i.e. those who have great knowledge of Islam and are implementing that knowledge). The second are those who are on the path of success and are acquiring the knowledge as well as implementing it for the purpose of being saved from the torture of Hellfire. The third type of people is the rabble, who do not have the knowledge and they do not put any effort to acquire it in the proper manner, rather they follow any speaker who appeals to them even when he makes false statements about Islam”.

Dear brother in Islam, commit yourselves to acquiring the knowledge of the religion as this knowledge is an important element for the sustainability of Islam. Know that those who neglect it will be lost and misguided, similar to a leaf blown right and left by the wind, ignorantly following any speaker who appeals to them even when he makes false statements about Islam.

In the end, we ask Allah to help us become righteous and to guide us to do what is beneficial for us in this world and in the Hereafter.


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