Sat, 24th Feb, 2024 / 14 Sha'ban, 1445
السبت ٢٤ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٤ / 14 شَعْبَان‎ 1445
Sat, 24th Feb, 2024 /
14 Sha'ban, 1445
السبت ٢٤ , فبراير , ٢٠٢٤ / 14 شَعْبَان‎ , 1445

How can we not admire Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)!
-30th Nov 2007-

All praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanahu wa-ta^ala, We sincerely thank You Allah for endowing upon us the bounty of Islam, the best of all bounties. We bear testimony that no one is worthy of worship except Allah, the One who has no partner in His Godhood, the One who is clear from any attributes of imperfection and has no resemblance to His creation. Whatever one imagines in their mind, Allah does not resemble it. He existed eternally and there was no place, and after He brought the creation into existence, He exists as He was, without a place. He created the great Throne as a sign of His power, and not as a place for Himself subhanahu wa-ta^ala.

And we bear testimony that our Leader and Master Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam is His servant and Messenger. May Allah shower His peace and blessings upon this noble and humble Prophet, and his kind relatives and companions and protect his nation from that which he feared for them.

Brothers and sisters in Islam;
Verses 45 to 47 of Suratul-Ahzab mean:
[O Prophet! Verily we have sent you as a witness, a Bearer of glad tidings and a Warner, and as one who invites to worship none but Allah by His will, and as a lamp spreading light through the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. And announce to the believers the glad tidings, that they will be granted a great bounty from Allah subhanahu wa-ta^ala.]

Our speech today is about our immense love for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
Muhammad, is the one whom the hearts continuously long for and the eyes desperately wait to see. His ethics set the best standards of morality and while his words enlighten the hearts his silence adorns his presence with serenity and reverence.

How can we not admire this Great Prophet! He is the one who out of humbleness used to sit with the poor, the needy and the slaves. He used to ask about their affairs and even attend their funerals. How can we not admire this Great Prophet! Whose eloquent speech always separated truth from falsehood. The Prophet complied with the Qur’an, embraced the morals it promotes and carried out the commands within. Anger could never find a way to him with worldly matters, but whenever the rights of Allah were breached, he used to get very angry. Modesty, shyness and moral excellence were his traits. He always told the truth, for he was an infallible role model. He urged the people to immerse in goodness. He reminded them of Allah’s orders and warned them against His punishment. When he was overcome with joy, peace be upon him, light could be seen radiating from his face.

How can we not love Prophet Muhammad whose intercession benefits the Muslim sinners of this nation and of other nations alike. In the Hereafter some sinners will say to one another: Why not ask Prophet Adam to intercede for us? Hence, they go to Adam and address him by saying: O Adam you are the one whom God created, honoured and had the angels prostrate to, can you intercede for us. To that Prophet Adam would say: I am not the one privileged with this type of intercession, go to Prophet Noah. Upon asking Prophet Noah he would direct them to Prophet Ibrahim. Ibrahim in turn would send them to Prophet Musa. Then Prophet Musa sends them to Prophet Isa (Jesus). This time Prophet ^Isa directs them to the one honoured with this special intercession, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Upon asking Prophet Muhammad to intercede for them he immediately prostrates to Allah, Allah then orders our beloved Prophet to lift up his head and intercede, for he is verily the one privileged with this unique intercession.

How can we not yearn for Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam when he is the one who said:

“من رءاني في المنام فسيراني في اليقظة”

Which means: [Whoever sees me in the dream while asleep shall really see me while awake.]

It has been narrated through a sahih chain that a man by the name of Al-Hasan Ibn Hayy lived during the time of the righteous Salaf, a time close to the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam by approximately 150 years. This man was among the pious and practicing scholars who truly implemented the Islamic knowledge. He was among those who relayed the Ahadith of the Prophet. This righteous man, Al-Hasan Ibn Hayy, while on his death bed, his brother who was equally pious heard him reciting verse 69 of Surat An-Nisa’, the meaning of which is the following:
[Those who obey Allah and the Messenger sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam, will be in the company of those whom Allah has bestowed His Grace upon, such as the Prophets, the Siddiqin (i.e. highly ranked righteous Muslims), the martyrs and other God-fearing Muslims; Truly excellent is this companionship! ]

By his side was his brother who exclaimed: “O my brother, are you engaged in making tilawah? He replied: “No, but I see the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam in his grave smiling at me and giving me the glad tidings of entering Paradise, I also see the angels of Allah subhanahu wa-ta^ala and the Hur Al-^Ayn.”

Therefore the promise mentioned in the Hadith “Shall really see me while awake” refers to an actual and real seeing of the Prophet while awake before death. This means that the one who sees the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam in the dream, receives the glad tidings of dying as a believer.
O Allah, O Most Merciful, we humbly ask you to grace us with seeing Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wasallam in our sleep tonight and every night. Amin.

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