Sat, 9th Dec, 2023 / 25 Jumādā al-Ula, 1445
السبت ٠٩ , ديسمبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 25 جُمَادَىٰ ٱلْأُولَىٰ 1445
Sat, 9th Dec, 2023 /
25 Jumādā al-Ula, 1445
السبت ٠٩ , ديسمبر , ٢٠٢٣ / 25 جُمَادَىٰ ٱلْأُولَىٰ , 1445

Praise be to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad.


Allah says in [Surat Al-^Imran, 103] what means: “And remain steadfast, all of you together, to the path of Allah and do not divide. And mention the endowment of Allah upon you as he mended your hearts together after you were enemies and became brotherly associated.”


Working on the basis of this Holy verse Darul-Fatwa the Islamic High Council of Australia was established with a plan to ensure a stronger and more united Islamic Community in Australia. Darul-Fatwa strives to serve the many needs of the Muslim community with the provision of being Australia’s highest Islamic authority. It is a peak religious authority which complements existing federal and state administerial organisations.


Darul-Fatwa is Australia’s Islamic high council which delivers through its growing nation-wide affiliations responsible Fatwa (Islamic edict) to represent the interest of Australia’s Muslim population. It delivers a moderate and dynamic face to the Islamic community of Australia in the face of a volatile political climate.


Darul-Fatwa whose growing circle of registered affiliations exceeds 20 organisational members stands with a strong multi-ethnic representation from different Australian states and a multitude of certified religious Imams (Islamic clerics) from both Arabic and non-Arabic speaking backgrounds, including home grown Imams who can reach out to a wider young generation of Australian Muslims.


Darul-Fatwa is a house for all working diligently with grassroots organisations on a bona fide basis to serve the interests and the needs of its constituency and to provide worthy and trusted advice and counsel.


Darul-Fatwa works to establish a communal form of delegation contrary to autocratic forms of governance. It seeks to establish in collaboration with the supporters of philanthropy and goodness all that is of service to the nation and its citizens.


Darul-Fatwa is not a body to be exploited by foreign states and lobbies to serve their agenda and local directives, nor is it to accept or receive funds for that purpose or be contracted out and utilised as means for delivering any kind of service that does not benefit the community.


Darul-Fatwa is an independent body which is not subject to any foreign state decisions, but rather it draws its plans and programs from the notion of common good without any bias in dealings with any affiliated or non-affiliated group or individuals.


Darul-Fatwa totally condemns all forms of extremism, and it disapproves its elements from being endorsed by any group or individual especially those that deceitfully hide under the slogans of Islam to propagate extremist fallacies . Darul-Fatwa makes the point strongly and firmly that any act of evil is not related to Islam. Islam is a religion for social justice and fairness.


Darul-Fatwa refuses to be labelled to or linked with any particular association or group, as it is a peak religious authority for all associations, Imams and individuals endorsing moderation.


Darul-Fatwa repudiates the ideology of group-blasphemy towards our Ummah (Islamic community); especially towards our renowned Islamic scholars. This ideology drives extremist groups towards continuous murderous killings of innocent civilians living in Islamic states. No local group should be allowed to endorse such murderous and cowardly acts in the name of Islam.


It was brought to Darul-Fatwa’s attention that some individuals are broadcasting on the airwaves of a suburban Sydney based ethnic radio station words to attempt to arouse the sentiments of the public against Darul-Fatwa’s mission by casting doubt over its legal status. Such deliberate words which have been designed to incite hatred against some individuals and groups are an illegal act, which contravene the basic Islamic code of ethics which these individuals claim to espouse. Darul-Fatwa is protected by the Community Broadcasting Code of Practice which prevents these individuals from stereotyping, inciting, vilifying, or perpetuating hatred against, or attempting to demean Darul-Fatwa on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, or political affiliation. The people responsible are in breach of this code of practice.


Darul-Fatwa is a non-profit organisation registered under the Incorporated Associations Act. It’s logo is also registered and is uniquely identifiable under the Trademarks Act. Its representation is both legal and within the provisions of Darul Fatwa’s constitution.


Darul-Fatwa was established after extensive deliberations with the Islamic community which saw the need for this new venture and helped drive its establishment. Darul-Fatwa does not attempt to overrule or override any existing structure or structures in local or international Islamic communities. Darul-Fatwa the Islamic High Council of Australia shares friendly relations with overseas bodies that adopt similar provisions for their local communities. The broadcast message which linked the Islamic High Council of Australia with the Lebanese Dar El-Fatwa and claimed that it represents it or that it assumes its role is both baseless and ludicrous.


This institution does not interfere with any other organisation’s affairs. It acts in good faith and has continued to extend its arms to any organisation or individual from any ethnic background who wishes to participate in promoting virtue and preventing vice towards a better and stronger Australian Muslim community.


Darul-Fatwa applies the Prophetic Hadith (narrated saying) which means: “The like of believers in showing mercy and affection towards one another is the like a body which remains alarmed and awakened by the sickness of any of its organs.”

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