Sun, 3rd Mar, 2024 / 22 Sha'ban, 1445
الأحد ٠٣ , مارس , ٢٠٢٤ / 22 شَعْبَان‎ 1445
Sun, 3rd Mar, 2024 /
22 Sha'ban, 1445
الأحد ٠٣ , مارس , ٢٠٢٤ / 22 شَعْبَان‎ , 1445

AL-AZHARY SHAREE^AH COURSE Graduation Night 2009

Support each other in goodness and in what increases love amongst you, in this virtuous month of  Ramadan.

 In doing so, Darufatwa organized one ofthe biggest annual Ramadan Dinner in Sydney  playing host to many distinguished guests including Sheikhs, government officials and representatives, community leaders.

The evening started with Recitation from the Holy Quran by Shiekh Rabei Alazhary.  Then, the Chairman of Darulfatwa- High Islamic Council of Australia, Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husainiyy delivered his speech, saying in it: “Come, let us all stand at the school of the month of Ramadan and recall the saying of the Prophet peace be upon him: {Fasting is a shield; so, if it is a fasting day for one of you, then do not be abusive or uncivilized and if someone fights you or slanders you then say: ‘I am fasting, I am fasting’}.

 “This had ith illustrates the manners that a fasting person should uphold especially in the month of Ramadan with respect to being forgiving and having a big heart, particularly if one faces nasty treatment from another; and to let one’s fasting keep one from associating with the audacious, from falling into the ditches of the lowly and from retaliating to the mannerism of the ignorant.

 “Brothers and sisters, religiosity is a grand and necessary matter because it brightens the heart and clears the mind.

 “Religiosity rescues from desirous tendencies.

 “Allah said in a verse that means: {{And those who fear for the rites of Allah and prevent one’s self from leaning to one’s desires, Paradise will be one’s abode}}.

“Religiosity is different to fanaticism and extremism the terrors and negative affects of which we have witnessed spread in most continents.

“So, where is the solution? The solution is in obeying Allah and abiding by the method instructed in the verse that means: {And if you disagree upon a matter, then refer it to the Q ur’ an and the s unnah of the Mesenger}.

 “And to administer the solution we find that a Muslim must become learned in the matters of Islam and to know what is lawful and unlawful; a method which also points to the meaning of the verse: {O you who believe, protect your self and your family from the blazing flames of hellfire which is fueled by people and stone}}.

Sheikh Salim ^Alwan went on to reassert the organizations stand and remind the guests of the promise made by Darulfatwa- the High Islamic Council of Australia saying that: “We totally refuse all kinds of extremism carried through organizations or individuals because we declare all acts of extremism unrelated to Islam despite the false allegations of some who insist on tarnishing its pure image.

“The Islamic High Council of Australia is not a tool serving the interests of any foreign government nor does it accept or receive funds from any overseas sources.

“It is an organization striving on the devotion and the hard work of the people working for it, providing free services and invaluable advice and knowledge.

“Its members and their work are supported by government officials, sheikhs and many community leaders of diverse backgrounds in states all over Australia.

“We strive to build communities with tolerance and perseverance, diligently serving the people and our nation-Australia.

“We will stay the course and will stand by our mission despite the hardships and the rumours spread by those who have deviated from the path of the truth.

“We seek reward only from Allah, the One who does not neglect to reward the truthful.

 federal MP for Banks Vice-President of the New South Wales Labor Party. Mr. Daryl Melham who was representing The Hon. Kevin Rudd Prime Minister he said

Thanks very much can I thank you for the invitation for this awards dinner for the Alazhari shariaa course graduates for 2009 and I have great pleasure in representing the prime minister Kevin Rudd , I’m very impressed with the fact that the course the Al-Azharie Imams course has as its objectives  and over view the following the ethical characteristics of an Imam Islamic doctrine and the theological proof against extremism and Muslim integration in Australia now there universal values that we can all embrace the sad part is  that there are some not just in particular communities but across communities that preach hatred and extremism and one can’t help but think that that sort of preaching  leads you nowhere , where the preaching of Darulfatwa in my opinion is the way to go .

it’s about respect, showing the best of your culture to the rest of the community, were very fortunate in this country we live in a very tolerant and understanding country when you compare to the rest of the world.

Darulfatwa in requesting  my attendance to celebrate the commitment of our young people and community members to moderation social cohesion and integration and there three fine ideals in this country of Australia that will serve the community well.

I’m very honoured and proud to be here with you tonight to celebrate people achieving their certificates to celebrate an evening where we come together as friends with a positive attitude and with something that can be demonstrated to the rest of the Australian community as being very good for this nation enriching this nation and helping this nation go forward , I wish you all the best.

Dr Sharman Stone Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship representing the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Malcolm Turnbull said:


Thank you very much and I’m very proud to be here tonight graduations are always very happy occasions the students have worked  hard they’ve reached goals they’ve passed a level of  agreed attainment and here we are tonight with the celebration and the graduation , and I want to thank very much the invitation from the Islamic high council of Australia and in particular can I acknowledge the chairmen of Darulfatwa  Dr sheikh Salim Alwan , may I also acknowledge all the other religious leaders in this esteemed gathering  , and off course my parliamentary colleges federal and state levels and let me say that its always great pleasure to see the young children here too,  the young girls and boys off course I’m representing Malcolm Turnbull  tonight he is a very strong supporter of the Australian Muslim community and he sends his apologies for not being able to attend tonight but his congratulations tonight  to  all of the graduates,  I like to see many  more woman than men congratulations ladies we often show the blokes up and I think that’s wonderful we’ve got all of these ladies here and off course the hand that rocks the cradle  rules the world we must remember that let me say that off course some people imagine that Muslims in Australia  recently arrived just a few generations back or maybe in the last 10 or 20 years  in fact our Muslim community in Australia is one of our oldest after our indigenous  Australians in fact the early Muslim visitors where the meekest traders from Indonesia they were trading with the aboriginals in Northern Australia they were getting the trapang  the sea cucumbers literally centuries and centuries ago they married some of the local woman languages were exchanged there is paintings very ancient aboriginal painting of the boats that they used 


also off course from the biggest group where the cameleers you’ve all heard about the great cameleers who came to central Australia helped build the overland  telegraph line during the early days in the 1800s helped build the Ghan railway line worked in the pearling industry and then off course we celebrated our time after the liberal prime minister Harold holt lifted the white Australia policy the first new group into the country where the Turks a great Muslim group  who in particular live in my electorate  so let’s remember that Muslim Australians Islam has a long established tradition  in our country Australia and may it long ever be so and off course no faith group has a monopoly on people who use that faith in the wrong way and use it as an excuse for terrorism or some other illegal or criminal  act and say my faith made me do it no sadly we have history in this world of different faith groups having some people who misinterpret the religion , it happens to be that often its people   who claim to be of Muslim background who are people for example who terrorise off course that is why this course is so important the reputation of Islam is absolutely precious it must be guarded and this course is helping people in Australia understand that Islam is a great faith based on moderation, gentleness as we saw from your video looking after one another based on family commitments and values and saying no to anybody that tries to use the faith and misrepresent the faith in a way that you would never allow so I’m  like Darel Melhem applaud you the Islamic high council of Australia who has come up with this course which I stresses that Muslims are part and parcel of the Australian community now I repeat a very  long standing part and parcel an intrigue part of our society they are citizens of Australia who do not wish  to see this country turn into a theatre of violent extremist with their corrupt ideologies Muslims extend their hands of cooperation to everyone in the Australian society who wish to fight any form of extremism and Muslim ensure all Australians they are to peacefully with them live side by side as neighbours friends and colleges Muslims work towards a better safer and more secure Australia may that be a loud refrain across Australia as your challenged by some people who misuse the name of your great faith and I therefore am proud to be here tonight with your graduates and thank you again we look forward to the graduations very much.

The Hon Paul Lynch Minister for Ageing, Minister for Disability Services and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs representing The Hon. Nathan REES The Premier of NSW said :

 “Ladies and gentlemen can I thank Darulfatwa for inviting me along to another

Event to recognise the graduates of your course…can I congratulate the

Graduates who are here this evening and who will be receiving their scrolls  fairly shortly


“I said before that what you were doing was a profoundly Australian thing”


“Coming to this country, keeping your traditions and keeping your religion understanding how that works in Australia in a way that works for you and works for this country and that is a profoundly Australian activity as you can get!”

“ so what you do in these courses that you run in maintaining your traditions is understanding how they work in contemporary 24 century Australia is something that is not only good for your community but for all of us as well”


“One of the reasons we got to this stage  is because of communities like yours and organisations like Darulfatwa, what you do makes a significant contribution to contemporary Australia, you do very good things not just to your community but for all of us”

“I am delighted to be here thank you very much” 

 Dai Le Community Relation Coordinator representing Mr. Barry O'Farrell Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister   for Western Sydney She said

 I’m honoured to be here tonight representing the leader of the opposition Mr Barry O'Farrell at the 2009 Al-Azhari Imams course graduation


tonight’s event highlights the commitment and passion within the Muslim community to do just that sharing your stories and your cultures with the wider Australian society I understand that for the future Imams completing this course not only gives you a deeper understanding of your role but also allows you to be a stronger bridge between your community and the wider Australian society  a bridge of culture sharing and social inclusion and for the leaders who have a level of responsibility in the community and who regularly deal with Imams I’m sure that Al-Azhari Imams Course has given you a greater insight into your responsibility the leadership and commitment to the Muslim community it is with regrets that the leader of the opposition Mr Barry o’Farell cannot be here tonight with you on the graduation night but as well to celebrate with you the month of  Ramadan he sends his best wishes “he said

“ I would like to acknowledge the most important month in the Islamic calendar the month of Ramadan I have been told  is a time of patience, time and  the space of love, family care and community care it is also about sacrifice, self control and devotion please allow me to extend my best wishes to the graduating imams and leaders from the Al-Azhari Imams Course this course will contribute to our understanding of the Muslim community which will add to the richness of our multicultural  society united by citizenship and by our love of culture sharing and social; inclusion I congratulate the new Imams and I look forward to the good work that you will continue to provide in the community congratulations”

Darulfatwa thanks all those who attended the dinner and contributed to the success of the evening,

We ask Allah to grant us prosperity in the return of this blessed month next year.

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