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Hajj & Umrah


How to perform Umrah?  The first integral step for the person intending to travel to Makkah to perform the Umrah is to establish the intention in his heart to enter into the actions of Pilgrimage (Umrah).  It is this intention and not just donning the clothes of ihram which causes …

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ZamZam Water

For a period of time, Prophet Ibrahim resided with his wife Sarah in Palestine. At 70 years of age, Sarah was an infertile old lady who was so keen to see her 86 years old husband Prophet Ibrahim become a father.  For that reason, she offered him Hajar  her maid …

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Entering Makkah

Upon entering the haram of Makkah, (the boundary lines of Makkah defined by Prophet Ibrahim) it is sunnnah to say: O Allah, this is the place to which You granted a special status and made a place of safety.  اللهم هذا حرمك وأمنك So protect me from Hellfire.  فحرمنى على …

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