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Latest News الجديد

Date 17/12/2014
  Darul-Fatwa Responds with a Message of Peace and Harmony after the Horrendous Sydney Siege.   It is indeed a difficult time for all...
Date 16/12/2014
 Prophet ^Isa   Allah sent Prophet ^Isa (Jesus) as the messenger before Prophet Muhammad. He was one of the five best messengers of...
Date 09/12/2014
Seeing Of Allah Dear brothers in Islam, Allah ta^ala said:      للذِيْنَ أَحْسَنُوا الحُسْنَى وَزِيَادَة This Ayah...
Date 04/12/2014
  Explanation of the Hadith of the Six Rights of every Muslim     Imam Muslim narrated from the route of Abu Hurayrah may Allah reward...
Date 27/11/2014
Concealing Faults  Ayah 19 of Suratun-Nur mean: [Those who love to spread slander about the believers shall expect a severe torture in this life...
Date 18/11/2014
ANGELS Among the fundamentals of the belief (Iman) is to believe in the angels.When Angel Jibril asked the Prophet about al-Iman (the belief), the...
Date 03/11/2014
Envy   Praise be to Allah, and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad, his Al and Companions, and protect his nation from that which he fears...
Date 20/10/2014
THE MIGRATION OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD All praise is due to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of our Master Muhammad and protect his nation from which he...