The Holy Qur'an القرءان الكريم

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Date 02/12/2008
1. Establishing the intention of ihram before crossing the miqat;   2. Staying at night in Muzdalifah and Mina, according to a saying;   3. Throwing pebbles at Jamratul-^Aqabah during...
Date 02/04/2013
اعلم أخي المسلم أن البسملة أي قولُ بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، كلمةٌ شريفةٌ، ومعناها عظيم. معنى «بسم الله» أي أبتدئ باسم الله، ولفظ الجلالة «الله» علم للذات المقدس المستحقِّ لنهاية التعظيم وغايةِ الخضوع،...
Date 06/08/2007
الشيخ الدكتور سليم علوان- التوسل To download, right click on link below and choose "Save Target As" Download  
Date 30/12/2014
لماذا نحتَفلُ بولادة النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم   إن الحمد لله نحمده ونستعينه ونستهديه ونشكره، ونعوذ بالله من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئات أعمالنا من يهد الله فهو المهتد ومن يضلل فلا هادي له، وأشهد أن لا...
Date 13/03/2014
الخَلِيْلُ بنُ أَحْمَدَ الفَرَاهِيْدِيُّ الخَلِيْلُ بنُ أَحْمَدَ بنِ عَمْرِو بنِ تَمِيْمٍ الأَزْدِيُّ الفَرَاهِيْدِيُّ، أَبُو عَبْدِ الرَّحْمَنِ الإِمَامُ البَصْرِيُّ النحوي اللغوي الزاهد، صَاحِبُ...
Date 18/04/2008
إنّ الحمد لله نحمده ونستعينه ونستهديه ونشكره ونستغفره ونتوب إليه، ونعوذ بالله من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئات أعمالنا، من يهد الله فلا مضل له ومن يضلل فلا هادي له . وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له...
Date 04/04/2013
إذا طلق امرأته بعد الدخول وجبت عليها العدة بالاجماع، وإن طلقها بعد الخلوة من غير مسيس ففيه قولان أصحهما في المذهب الشافعي وهو الجديد أنه لا عدة عليها، لقوله تعالى: [يا أيها الذين آمنوا إذا نكحتم المؤمنات...
Date 08/03/2013
        Raising the Children   All praise is Due to Allah and may Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad and protect his nation from which he fears for them...
Date 03/12/2008
   Click here to view all items relating to the great occassion of Hajj (Pilgrimage) About Hajj To perform Hajj means to go to the Ka^bah at a particular time with the intention to...
Date 30/03/2012
Lying “April Fool Joke”All praise is due to Allah The Exalted, and may Allah raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, his kind relatives and companions, and protect...

Sydney Morning Herald - Course on values for Imams praised 25/09/06

September 25, 2006 - 11:24PM

A course for local Imams teaching subjects denouncing extremism and understanding Australian culture has been praised by the federal government.
Subjects titled Islamic doctrine and the theological proof against extremism and Muslim integration into Australia are included in the Australian designed and based course.
Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration Andrew Robb, who wants Australia's Islamic clerics to preach sermons in English, attended a graduation ceremony for the course in Sydney on Monday night.

Some 100 Imams and Islamic leaders graduated at the Darulfatwa Islamic High Council's ceremony.
Mr Robb, who also wants Imams to denounce terrorism, said the course was an important step towards teaching Islam in an Australian context.
"Such understanding makes them far more effective in instilling confidence in Australian Muslims that they can be equal and committed members of the community while being true to their faith," he said.

Mr Robb said the course was an extremely positive example of Australia's Imams and Muslim leaders actively supporting the Australian government in building community cohesion and unity.
"The recent historic two-day conference of Imams, with its particular focus on young people, was another key development in looking at how to communicate Islam to Muslims in Australia," he said.
Mr Robb said he was encouraged that the Imams conference had stressed the importance of preaching in English.

"Some fifty per cent of the 360,000 Muslims in Australia are under 25 years of age and most were born in Australia with English as their first language," he said.
"So there is a clear responsibility to deliver the teachings of Islam in English so young people learn about the Koran from the Mosque and not the internet."

Mr Robb extended his best wishes to Australia's Muslim community at the commencement of the month of Ramadan noting that they played an important role in Australia's economic and social life.